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#1: Be Open to Meeting New People

#1: Be Open to Meeting New People

Cancers can be deeply offended by Aries’ love of jumping from one thing to another and see it as a sign of disloyalty, while Aries are just trying to have fun. Additionally, both of these signs can be highly emotional, which can create some real blowout fights.

What Does This Mean for Cancers?

As a Cancer, you care a lot about all other people, but you may not get along well with many of them. To improve your relationships, keep these tips in mind:

You can’t make new friends if you aren’t open to meeting new people. We know Cancers love their small, longtime group of friends, but that doesn’t mean you should close yourself off to the possibility of meeting someone new. They don’t immediately need to be your bestie, but by being open to friendly overtures, even if it’s just a quick chat at work or the gym, you’ll give yourself the opportunity to have positive social interactions even when your friends aren’t around. And who knows, you might meet someone great enough to let into your inner circle.

#2: Say What You Feel

As a Cancer, you’re used to understanding people at a glance and knowing just what they need to feel happier. It can be frustrating when other signs don’t reciprocate this, but remember that most people aren’t as intuitive as you are. If you’re unhappy about something in a relationship, it’s important to speak up. Pushing your emotions down will only create further unhappiness down the road.

#3: Forgive Cancellations

We know how much you hate it when others cancel plans, but try to understand that it’s rarely a reflection on how they feel about you. Sometimes something else just comes up, or people change what they’re in the mood for. It’s fine (and healthy!) for you to express your disappointment when this happens, but don’t let one cancellation ruin an important relationship.

What Does This Mean for People Who Want a Connection With a Cancer?

If you’re hoping to date a Cancer, befriend one, or just communicate at work or school with Cancers, follow the tips below to keep everyone happy.

#1: Consider Their Needs

You likely know that the Cancer in your life will bend over backwards to make you happy. This can include listening when you have a problem, giving you amazing advice, and generally just always being there for you. Cancers seem to manage these things so easily that it’s easy to forget how much effort they put into maintaining their relationships. A Cancer will be reluctant to say it outright, but many wish others put the same time and energy into relationships with them. You can be one of these people! Regularly ask yourself what you could do to make the Cancer in your life happier, whether it’s a big or small thing. Also, ask them outright what they need. Cancers aren’t the most open of signs, but when asked a direct question, they’re honest about how they’re feeling.

#2: Choose Activities They’d Enjoy

To make the people they care about happy, Cancers will agree to almost anything, even if it’s not really their jam. Therefore, if you want to boost your Cancer zodiac compatibility, it’s important to regularly suggest activities you know that Cancers will like. Think: small groups of friends, something that allows them to express or appreciate creativity (like painting or visiting a museum), and/or something that brings up good memories (Cancers love nostalgia).

What’s Next?

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