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What You Get With Your eHarmony Free Trial

What You Get With Your eHarmony Free Trial

Everyone likes something free, right? If you’re looking to get an eHarmony free trial, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we’re going to breakdown everything you need to know about the eHarmony free trial-what it offers, what it does NOT offer, and what you need to do to get signed up right now.

  • Ability to create profile and upload profile photos
  • Search for singles in your area
  • Special discounts only given to singles who have an eHarmony free trial account(link above)
  • Read through profiles of other singles and potential matches
  • Use of site features and access to the sophisticated matching algorithm
  • Get a chance to take the highly regarded matching questionnaire
  • Occasional free communication weekends with full messaging capabilities

What You Don’t Get

  • Can’t see match’s photos (they’re blurred out)
  • No message sending capability without upgrade (except on free communication weekends).

How do I get signed up for the eHarmony free trial?

All you need to do is turn in your passport, nine credit cards and your firstborn child and you’ll be signed up for the eHarmony free trial! KIDDING! One of the best things about the eHarmony free trial is that it’s extremely easy to get signed up for. It doesn’t require your credit card or anything like that to get started.

All you need to do is click the free trial link below and your account will automatically be setup with all of the features that come with the eHarmony free trial. Who doesn’t love simple?

This seems like a silly question, yea? Well, if we’ve learned anything from our time in this world, we’ve learned that sometimes free isn’t really free.

Here’s the good news. The eHarmony free trial is ACTUALLY free. There are no hidden costs, fees, or secret costs that will sneak up and bite you in the butt. There’s nothing that you need to cancel or remember to take care of or anything like that. It is completely 100% free.

The site instabang does a great job of being very clear with what they are offering and what they are not. You will not be tricked into spending any money ever. If you decide to upgrade to a paid membership, awesome! But that won’t happen without you fully knowing what you’re agreeing to.

There are some shady online dating sites out there that will try their best to separate you from your money regardless of how ethical they do it. eHarmony is NOT one of those sites. This is probably why they have such a great reputation in the industry.

Do I need a credit card to sign up for an eHarmony free trial account?

Nope! You are not required to put in any payment information or credit card information in order to take advantage of this special offer. While countless other dating apps require you to do this (and often require you to sign up for a membership that automatically charges if you don’t cancel), you won’t have to do that here. There is no credit card required to sign up for the eHarmony trial account.

How long is the eHarmony free trial good for?

The free trial from eHarmony is actually good forever! Wait, but then why would you ever need to pay? Remember, the highest level free trial you can get (the one linked from this guide) still has it’s limitations. While you can do a lot, get everything set up, and see who is available in your area-you’re still going to need to upgrade in order to send and respond to messages.

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