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I am probably need to claim that PJ’s long lost relationship are together with his family members

I am probably need to claim that PJ’s long lost relationship are together with his family members

Most likely while the they have had one to relationships on longest. With respect to a girlfriend, PJ are. not an informed user in the game away from like.

Perhaps one of the most effective matchmaking within the a family group try siblings. PJ and you will Teddy strive, nonetheless always set it up aside. They not, covertly love each other because sisters, as they was complete opposites. They like each other such as for instance genuine sisters but never constantly tell you they. In every Slip whenever Teddy try troubled, PJ cheered their right up. Teddy and you can PJ constantly need converts taking good care of Charlie.

Bob Duncan

Bob was PJ’s dad as well as love one another considerably. Not surprisingly not, PJ is apparently afraid getting together with him. Whenever Bob questioned in the event the PJ is preparing to have a great time, PJ looks off when he needs to go fishing along with his dad (“Charlie is actually step one”), and PJ won’t see an enthusiastic AVM concert together with dad (Stone Register.) But not, PJ xmeets performed let their Bob sign-up his band for example evening. Regardless of this, PJ really does love Bob’s thinking and you can doesn’t such as for instance harming otherwise unsatisfying his dad. When PJ happen to holidays the past list from Bob’s band, PJ feels bad and you will helps to make the work to get Bob’s band with her. PJ is mad from the Bob to have their beginning certificate, where their name’s shown as ‘Potty John’ (“Is it possible you Remain a key?”), or whenever Bob relates to him just like the ‘the sweet one’ (“Appy Days”). Some thing in accordance you to Bob and you can PJ provides together is actually that they had been in a ring. And this, PJ’s tunes ability probably originates from his father Bob. Overall, they generally features a close dating and you may PJ was delighted whenever Bob is pleased with your. Ultimately of collection, Bob assists PJ establish good peanut butter and jelly sub stand which PJ names B PJ’s PB J honoring their dad and you will himself (“B” is short for Bob).

Charlie Duncan

PJ enjoys Charlie, however, spends their cuteness to locate lady to help you particularly your in “Something’s Fishy” and you may spends the girl to track down cash in “Equipment and you may Kaboodle”. Their frauds constantly really works apart from those in which the guy lays so you’re able to their moms and dads due to the fact Charlie are crappy under great pressure. She typically let’s something slip because of this lady mouth. Charlie likes PJ. This lady has told you thus. She apologized to help you PJ as he mentioned that she’s awful under some pressure. PJ doesn’t brain babysitting Charlie, but may getting really reckless some times. The guy got unsuitable kid domestic about park immediately following flirting with Emma in the “Kids Get back”. PJ and you can Charlie provides a separate relationship PJ wants Charlie most much and you may Charlie likes PJ much so they really are personal. PJ including instructed her ideas on how to state “I wuv PJ” to obtain lady at the shopping mall. This doesn’t end well to have your as the his girl falls to possess Charlie’s cuteness rather than themselves.

Amy Duncan

Even when the guy will not show it, PJ loves Amy and cares on her seriously. Such as for instance Teddy and you can Gabe, he thinks she is thus uncool and you can lame but he has got lied to guard their emotions regarding collection. PJ known, with Gabe, and also make enjoyable of the lady cooking. PJ is called a much better cook next her. PJ together, together with siblings know that mommy Enjoys the fresh spotlight in addition to other people. On event “Amazing Gracie”, he’s viewed moving an option to acquire Amy so you’re able to pop off a large jack-in-the-package. It is extremely revealed one to PJ and you will Amy get the very best reference to one another than Amy does with all her other college students. In a single episode, Amy mentions you to definitely PJ are the girl favourite.

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