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To my dear patients,

This pandemic has truly been a time of introspection as we seek to find the most important things in life— that of family and friends and good health.We at Advanced Cardiovascular Care Center and Dolce Vida Cardio want to express our love and concern for all of our patients— some we have seen recently on Telemedicine and some we have not seen in a long time due to circumstances which may have been beyond your control.

Nonetheless I wanted to reach out to each and everyone of you and tell you that I send my love and prayers for your good health and bright future. To that end we have established very strict guidelines for patient evaluation and treatment here in our offices in the Woodlands and 1960 areas. We are using CDC approved commercial cleaners EVERY MORNING and AFTER EVERY PATIENT and EVERY NIGHT before we leave office. All touch point surfaces that are cleaned include chairs and lamps, computers and radio and floors especially in the IV therapy room. The IV therapy room is also fogged and misted every night and Cheryl disinfects the door knobs and touchable surfaces of the entrance doors. The Exit door handles and turn locks and outside door handles and key pads and outside posts are also continuously cleaned. The Bathrooms have disinfection of every surface including toilets and doors and paper towels are not left in the room between patients. In addition to all of the above,Everyone in the office wears a mask including all staff and patients and any visitor and we have made masks for all patients should you need a mask when arriving.Upon arrival to the office each patient will call or text our staff to notify of your arrival.

A staff member will have a temp forehead scanner and check each patient to be admitted if no evidence of fever and a questionnaire will be performed regarding risk for infection.Everyone must wash their hands on admission to the office and no extra visitor with patients will be admitted. There will be no waiting in lounge areas but rather the patient will be taken directly to the area of service whether it is IV or echo lab or blood lab or testing area or patient room or nuclear stress test lab and the appointments will be strictly for one or two items of interest therefore the goal is that patients will NOT be in the office for longer than 30 minutes to one hour ( two to three hours if here for nuclear stress testing). Please note that ALL patients will be at least 6 feet apart from any other patient at all times and we request that everyone honor that spatial distancing for safety and compliance purposes.

I am seeing patients on Telemedicine currently and we have an excellent platform that is user friendly for all patients and easy to use on phone or computer. I will start to see patients in the offices starting June 1st and will also continue Telemedicine visits for those patients who prefer that mode of evaluation. As the staff calls you for scheduling visits, please let them know your preference mode of seeing me and your timing availability for the testing that I have recommended. I am evaluating all patients’ charts whether you saw me recently or years ago, and I am carefully reviewing and making recommendations for your care.

Please remember that Cardiovascular Disease is still the number one killer of people worldwide and this has only worsened in recent times as people are NOT being checked because they are afraid to see their doctor or have testing. Please do not be afraid to have your testing and evaluations done here at Advanced Cardiovascular Care Center/ Dolce Vida Cardio.

Most cardiovascular patients are at high risk for bad outcomes and so I want for all of my patients to be protected and have great care now as well as beyond this crisis time.I hope to see you all soon!

Annie Varughese MD, FACC

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