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An association is generated anywhere between a few water pipes by means of specific version of coupling

An association is generated anywhere between a few water pipes by means of specific version of coupling

dispute (kuhn FLIKT having vi., KON flikt for letter.) vi. to be inconsistent; be in resistance; conflict -n. 1. a battle or challenge, especially an extended you to definitely; war; dos. clear argument otherwise opposition; clash; 3. emotional disturbance as a consequence of a conflict out-of signals • Sometimes Fran’s ideas disagreement along with her notice, the woman heart draw a good way and her lead pull the other. • The new Hundred Years’ War is actually an incredibly a long time dispute. • Todd’s nice tooth is within a conflict together with need certainly to eating plan. • Emotional dispute can frequently come from a need to do several or higher anything at the same time. [-ed, -ing] [Syn. struggle, struggle]

face (kon FRUHNT) vt. step 1. to face or fulfill deal with-to-face; dos. to face otherwise contradict boldly or defiantly; step 3. offer face-to-deal with with • The newest boxers earliest faced one another more than a couple of Philadelphia cheesesteak snacks. • Two fencers confront both which have basic guns pulled. • Eric learned to help you confront his concern about pussycats through getting their very own kitten. [-ed, -ing, -ation letter., -ational adj.]

You can just feel you to definitely Ted and you will Alice keeps an association

mistake (kuhn FYOOZ) vt. step 1. to mix right up; set up disorder; dos. to combine up psychologically; perplex; bewilder; step 3. to help you are not able to identify between; err during the distinguishing • To help you mistake Gino, Jim moved backwards together with fingers prolonged in front of him. • Anna mislead real situations which have fictional of these. • Charlie mislead good Chevrolet which have an enthusiastic Oldsmobile. [-d, confusing, frustration letter.] [Syn. puzzle]

Quick Comment #19 Satisfy the word regarding line dos to your phrase out-of column 1 it means extremely almost exactly the same thing. 1. concert

congruous (KON groo uhs) adj. 1. congruent; 2. fitting; suitable; compatible • Congruous data are the same size and shape. • Whenever looking in public, a person in Congress is anticipated to exhibit congruous behavior in the all minutes. [-ly adv., -ness letter.]

commitment (kuhn NEK shuhn) letter. 1. a coupling, a joining or unifying; an effective unification 2. a means of joining; step three. a love; 4. a corporate member; 5. this new means of switching from one train, shuttle, an such like. en route to someplace; six. a circuit in fuel; a line of communication between several affairs from inside the telegraphy, telephony, etcetera. • • • •

Commitment off auto motor to radiator is through plastic line

Expenses wanted an enthusiastic Music player, and then he thought his experience of the appliance store employee might let your locate that on a great price. • When Juanita flew out of Nyc in order to Miami, she had to make a link on Atlanta. • Really electronic connections were created by the inserting a connect for the a good wall structure outlet. consciousness* (KON shuhs nes) letter. 1. the state of paying attention; focus on a person’s individual attitude or an individual’s landscaping; 2. the brand new entirety of your own viewpoint, thoughts, an such like. • Being out cold, Ali slowly regained consciousness. • Stream-of-consciousness involves stating otherwise composing whichever parent to your head in the order it do. • Awareness indicates each other an attention to and you may a choice to engage to the business near you. consensus (kuhn SEN suhs) letter. 1. a viewpoint kept because of the every otherwise extremely; dos. general agreement from opinion • There is a consensus certainly one of Americans you to definitely democracy is actually an exceptional particular government in order to autocracy. • There is certainly an opinion among males one to men drivers is actually advanced to ladies motorists. • Remarkably, the contrary consensus can be Fort Wayne hookup site acquired certainly one of females and you can, astonishingly, was supported by analytical research. consequence (KON lorsque KWENS) n. 1. due to an action; outcome; effect; 2. a health-related achievement; step 3. the brand new family relations off perception result in; cuatro. characteristics • A consequence of to invest in a new pencil are an effective handwritten notice. • Acquiring the correct time would be a result of remaining good fresh power in your wristwatch. • Caused by drinking plenty of dairy foods while the good man was strong pearly whites and you will bones given that a grownup. • New Emperor Maximillian’s visibility within the Mexico into the American Municipal War try of zero effects from the war’s benefit. [following adj., consequently adv.] [Syn. perception, importance]

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